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Don’t You Know? By Guest Contributor Edith Runion

I’m the kind of woman who has been through many different seasons already in my lifetime.

A time when I was not a Christian and living life to the fullest (or so I thought). A time of not being a Christian and life spiraling so out of control. Being a Christian and discovering all the things about Jesus and the enlightenment of accepting Him. Times of knowing Jesus but still feeling like life just wasn’t adding up; or better yet I was not adding up. I would say you are probably that kind of woman, too. 

We go through so many seasons and so many different stages of life as women- love and loss, empowered selves and poor body images, learning the ins and outs of new and seasoned wifehood, building our nests, and becoming empty nesters, and now even seasons of being quarantined. It is so easy to find ourselves kind of lost in the middle of it all, even if we are in church, have support, read the bible, and do all the things. 

Beyond Women understand this. We totally get it.

We are moms and wives and sisters and coworkers and volunteers and church members. We are grinding out in the mundane and hanging on tight to fleeting moments with our children.

We are fighting for our marriages and we are doing our best to keep friendships alive.

We celebrate our wins and we’re learning to admit our wrongs.

We are fully living life and feeling the impact of every day, both good and bad. 

And sometimes, a lot of times, in the middle of it all we forget who we are. We have been so busy for so long focusing on everything and everyone else that when we do get some time to sit with ourselves we can’t remember who we are, how we are, and why we are.

Daughter, don’t you know?

“Don’t you know?” In those moments I imagine God sitting down with me while wiping my tears off of my cheeks. He lifts up my chin and looks me in the eyes, “Honey, don’t you know how much I love you? Don’t you know how I feel about you?” Well, the truth is, no, I don’t right now.

Don’t You Know, the Beyond Women mini-devotional is exactly that. It is God sitting you down and wiping the tears from your cheeks. This six-day devotional will meet you in whatever season you are in, to remind you of all the things you don’t know or can’t remember in anxious moments.

We don’t always have time to do a twelve-week study and we definitely don’t have time to do a twelve-week study in moments of desperate soul searching. “Don’t You Know” is short and sweet enough to deliver your soul food right in the moment. 

You will go through six sections in this devotion, each ending with its own reflection time. Some of the areas covered are God’s thoughts about you, what He can do with your pain, and the significance your life has. Scriptures are included with each section but not so many that they will overwhelm you. 

It is our gift to you. And we pray that, as women just like us, it will center you in these times of changing seasons and feeling the impacts of everyday life. We will send the devotion straight to you, just leave us your email in the subscribe box (page linked here) OR simply click the photo below. Then sit down with God, let Him wipe your tears and feed your soul, because...don’t you know? 

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