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Go to the Well

Water. It is essential to life.

And, as we find the Samaritan woman in John 4, she is at the well drawing water.

Because she has a need.Because she is thirsty.

And her thirst is an indication of her need.

So, as she meets Jesus at the well.

He meets her need at the well.

Sharing with her the Living Water. That if she drinks of, she will never thirst again.

The water that will be like a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

You see the woman went to the well to draw water to quench a natural thirst. But Jesus met her and gave her water that quenched a spiritual thirst.

How often we try to solve a spiritual need with a natural resource. When God just wants us to seek Him first and His righteousness and all these other (natural) things will be added to us.

He wants us to meet Him at the well to give us the gift of Living Water.

So, when life is hard, go to the well. When you feel alone, go to the well. When fear rises, go to the well. When you are overwhelmed, go to the well. When you are frustrated, go to the well. When you are tired, go to the well

If you are thirsty, go to the Well. Jesus will meet you there

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