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Going All In

Scripture is full of people who do amazing things through faith.

It’s also full of people who are held captive by their own desires – who choose control over surrender and comfort over communion.

Theirs is a story of “And Yet.” They heard the good news of Jesus, AND YET didn’t really understand Jesus’s power to free them from sin. They believed in the kingdom of heaven, AND YET were still more concerned with their own position on earth.

They proclaimed the sovereignty of God, AND YET resisted the role God placed them in. They witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit, AND YET they hungered more for the miracles than for the message.

Lord, don’t let me be an “And Yet” woman.

Don’t let me believe in your power and yet not trust you to carry me through my circumstances.

Don’t let me praise you with my mouth and yet grumble against you in my heart.

Let me be a woman that claims Jesus as my savior, my chain breaker, my way maker, and believes it.

Show me how to cast my cares on you and not try to take them back one by one.

Let me be a woman who sings with my hands up, prays with my eyes up, and walks forward each day with my head up, sure in the knowledge you’re lighting my path.

Let me be a woman who is all in for you.

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