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It Is Okay To Pray For Joy + Free Printable Coloring Pages

God thank you for being our joy, thank you for how no matter what is happening around us, you fill us with the kind of joy that survives mourning.

Thank you for your promise that there will be even more, that in the face of the joy that's coming the suffering here will be minuscule, microscopic.

I'm praying right now for everyone who will ever read or hear these words - that they would get a tiny glimpse right now, just a little peek at the power of this kind of joy - the joy that comes from you, the joy that has it's source not in temporary things but in an eternal God, a joy that cannot be dampened.

I pray these things in the precious and powerful and joyful name of Jesus

Prayer Written By Stevie Swift.

"Beyond Women is licensed to use these Stevie Doodles pages and shared these with permission. Visit her website here."

Click on the photo below to download the free printable.

Learn more about Stevie Swift here!

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