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The Importance of Connecting With God Every Day Guest Post By Sara Fleming

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Have you ever opened the door to your refrigerator when you’re hungry, only to stand in front of it for twenty minutes because you can’t decide what you’re hungry for? I know I have! 

It sounds strange, but I have felt that way in some seasons of my life. 

Not long ago I went through a brief period in which I had a constant nagging restlessness. I was somehow anxious, bored, and lonely all at the same time. Despite the usual busyness of each day, I was doing fairly well in the self-care department. I had been eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, seeing my chiropractor, and so on. 

However, I couldn’t figure out what was causing me to be off-kilter. I sensed an emptiness inside.

I should have known that my agitation was coming from the Holy Spirit; God was trying to get my attention! He knew the answer to my disquieted heart was the filling up of that vacant space in my soul. 

My spiritual hunger was not being satiated because I had been neglecting to spend time with my Savior. 

Deep down, we all desperately desire to connect with something or someone. What a magnificent thought that the Creator of the Universe wants to connect with us personally!

Figuring out how to do that seems difficult, though. After all, God is God. He seems huge and mysterious and grander than us. He's everywhere, yet He's invisible. 

We don't connect with the Lord in quite the same way we would with a friend at a coffee shop. We develop our relationship with God through Jesus by making a conscious effort to quiet our mind, read His Word, pray, worship, reflect, and serve. 

At Beyond Women, we realize how important it is for you to abide in Christ every single day so that you can live the abundant life He has for you. We desire to see women go beyond Sunday morning church and beyond the mundane to experience a richer faith and a greater passion for the Lord. 

Maybe you already have a quiet time routine, but you’re weary of reading the typical devotion books. Or maybe you’re a new believer, and you want to learn how to meet with Jesus on your own. Either way, we are so excited to offer you something incredible that will help you grow in your relationship with God:

The Beyond Sunday Series is a 7-week Bible study course written by an amazingly talented group of authors from Beyond Women who have a heart for God and for others.

And it is so much more than just another devotional. Along with tons of course materials, you will get exclusive access to the online Facebook community where you can engage with the writers and other women going through the study! 

Right now, you can purchase the course at the pre-sale discounted price of just $9.99.

Beginning on July 8th, the cost will increase to $13.99.

Then you will receive the first week of materials via email when the course officially launches on July 13th! 

The Beyond Sunday Series will not only give you the motivation to consistently set aside time to sit with Him but it will also change you from the inside out. We cannot wait to connect with you and watch where He leads you! 

(Written by Sara Fleming of Pacis in the Gutter – Sara Fleming) 

To learn more about Beyond Women follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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