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What Does Really Knowing Jesus Look Like?

It’s easy to confuse knowing Jesus with knowing about Him.

It’s tempting to think if you’ve been to all of the classes and read all of the books, that your head knowledge automatically translates into heart knowledge.

It’s comfortable to assume you’ve got a great relationship with Jesus, when in reality you’re keeping him at a distance, and you’ve been doing it for a long time.

Knowing Jesus - really knowing Jesus - is deeper than a surface relationship.

It’s bigger than a quick prayer before bed and an hour at church on Sunday mornings.

It’s more than going your own way, and then wondering why he didn’t come along to make the ride go more smoothly.

Knowing Jesus must be more than that.

It must be deeper than a surface relationship.

It must be personal, messy, and sometimes awkward. It must be vulnerable, occasionally uncomfortable, and full of a joy that fills you up from the inside out.

When we know Jesus rather than simply knowing about Him, we can look at the world through his eyes. We can weather the storms because we’re with the one who calms them. We can count it all joy, pick up our cross, and turn the other cheek.

When we really, truly know Jesus – we can be transformed.

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